My Thoughts on the Election–as a Christian

My Thoughts on the Election–as a Christian

I want to share my heart today. I’m burdened for America, but even more, for Christians who aren’t showing the love of Christ. This will be long, so I hope you’ll have the patience to read it. If it applies to anyone you know, maybe you’d be willing to share it and encourage others to think before they speak.

I’ll be honest. I voted for Trump. I almost voted for Evan MacMillan, as I felt he would be a much better choice, but he wasn’t given as an option in my state. I am not countenancing things that Trump has said or done, but I had to look at the forest instead of just one tree—I had to look at what our future could look like under a Clinton presidency, and I didn’t care for what I saw, especially where the Supreme Court was concerned.

But that’s not what I’m writing about now—I state that only to let you know I am not a Trump hater, nor am I a Trump worshiper or heavy supporter. What I AM is a concerned Christian who is seeing other conservatives and yes, even Christians, posting some ugly things about liberals and democrats who don’t believe like they do. That saddens me. It saddens me to see them hurt their witness and pull down the name of Jesus.

Does that mean I don’t think we should speak to sin, or call people out who are doing something totally against what we believe to be right, when they’re in a place of authority? Absolutely not. But calling then Nazis, or being disrespectful or nasty, is not going to win over hearts or change minds. It’s only going to incite anger and make them even more sure that Christians are intolerant bigots.

Please understand that I also have many Christian friends who are NOT this way—who are gracious, kind, thoughtful and would never slam another person, no matter what their beliefs or stance. They would use love when confronting, and do it in a way that does not bring shame to the name of Christ.

I’m asking that each of us examine our own hearts. Are we perfect? Have we ever sinned? Do we have all the answers? Do we have the right to throw the first stone? I don’t think so. Only Jesus can live up to those claims, and He didn’t stone the woman found in adultery. He forgave her and sent her on her way, telling her to sin no more, even though He was the only one who could have cast that stone. If He didn’t do it, what right do we have to do so? When you post something on FB or Twitter or any other social media site, please be aware there are many, many eyes who can see it—from young teens to non-Christians who might be looking for a reason to walk away—to people who are looking for hope and grace and forgiveness and acceptance. Can you be someone who offers that? Can you help bring peace to a broken nation, or will you choose to stir up more anger and hatred instead?

A friend recently said this to me:

Jesus would NEVER approach things in this manner. He came at the height of the persecution of Rome and the debauchery of that political system. He did not go march on Rome. He did not post on FB the atrocities of the other side nor use hate speech. His disciples (both the 12 and the larger #) wanted him to jump into politics and change the political world. But that’s not what Jesus did. He came to a small area where his people lived. He stayed in that small area. When challenged about politics, he did not take the bait. He focused on showing others God, the Kingdom, forgiveness, grace, and truth. He let the religious leaders know that in no uncertain terms that they were walking the wrong path and God did not approve. He never bashed any politics. He let himself be unjustly judged and accepted the punishment of crucifixion under the unjust political party.

We need to follow His example and do the same.

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