Blowing on Dandelions

“In Blowing on Dandelions, Miralee Ferrell has an excellent way of keeping the words flowing, keeping the reader following, and investing in the characters. I particularly love the redemption she shows, where not all offensive people are evil, but merely hurting. Of course, the love story makes for a perfectly satisfying ending. Very well done!”

— Hannah Alexander, award-winning author of the Hideaway Series

“Blowing on Dandelions is an amazing, deeply emotional story. Each of the characters is so sympathetic and well drawn that it was impossible to put the book down. Ferrell is a wonderful writer who handles the pain of physical and emotional trauma beautifully. Her characters are appealing, with a touching and believable faith journey, and the romance is lovely. My only regret was reaching the final page! Miralee Ferrell’s future books will be an automatic purchase from now on!”

— Roxanne Rustand, author of Duty to Protect

“Miralee Ferrell’s Blowing on Dandelions is a deeply inspiring story about family conflict and the transforming power of rekindled love. A richly written story chock full of nuggets of divine wisdom, this book was, for me, a genuinely satisfying read.”

— Walt Larimore, best-selling author of Hazel Creek and Sugar For

Love Finds You in Sundance Wyoming

“Miralee Ferrell writes intense, well thought out plots with beautiful description and characterization not to mention the perfect amount of tension. This story will make your heart pound and keep your fingers flipping pages. The action, conflict, drama, and ultimate love story make this one a true keeper!”

— Sharlene MacLaren, author of River of Hope Series & The Daughters of Jacob Kane Series

“Miralee Ferrell writes with a western flare and enough page-turning suspense to keep readers on the edge of their seats. Her historical details are fabulous. I felt like I was right there in Sundance, WY with Angel, Travis, and Libby.”

— Andrea Boeshaar, author of the Seasons of Redemption Series

Love Finds You in Tombstone Arizona

“I fell in love with Love Finds You in Tombstone, AZ. Engaging characters, good guys and bad guys, sweet romance, and pacing that kept me flipping pages.”

— Lauraine Snelling, bestselling author



Love Finds You in Bridal Veil Oregon

“I couldn’t help but smile on this journey of mystery, forgiveness, and grace….a beautiful love story and a poignant reminder that God still speaks today, if only we quiet our hearts and listen.”

— Melanie Dobson, award-winning author

* * * * ½ Stars and Top Pick from Romantic Times Review Magazine. “This phenomenal love story about a young teacher is filled with heartaches and triumphs and is sure to inspire readers to want to be better neighbors, friends and family members. It may renew your inner strength and ability to seek God’s will in every area of your life. Just the right amount of suspense may move you through the story in one sitting. Remarkable!”

Love Finds You in Last Chance California

“Miralee Ferrell weaves together a spunky heroine, a unique setting, a touch of mystery, and a pleasing dose of romance to create a tale that points to a simple yet significant truth: when we trust God, all things work together for good. Last Chance is a story that will entertain and edify—Christian fiction at its best.”

— Kim Vogel Sawyer, best selling author

“As a long term reader of western and author of many, it takes a lot to impress me in this genre. Miralee Ferrell did just that with “Love Finds You in Last Chance, California.” Appealing characters. Believable storyline. Excellent plot with plenty of action that keeps you turning pages. This book is worth making room for on even the most crowded bookshelves—one to read again and again. I did just that!”

— Colleen L. Reece, 140 “Books You Can Trust,” approx. 6 million copies sold.

“What a charming, delightful read! Three cheers for Miralee Ferrell’s poignant writing style. I could not put this book down, and even as I write this review, having just read the final page, it is well past midnight. “Last Chance” has a fine blend of tension and conflict, seasoned with tender, blossoming love. It is more than a sweet, endearing historical romance; it is an inspiring, absorbing book, wrought with interesting, colorful characters, that will hold its readers’ attention from beginning to end. This is one of those books worth every minute of time and every penny invested.”

— Sharlene MacLaren, author of Little Hickman Creek Series & The Daughters of Jacob Kane Series

The Other Daughter

The Other Daughter received a FOUR Star review on Romantic Times Review Magazine, by senior inspirational reviewer Melissa Parcel. “Debut author Ferrell deftly communicates the emotions of a family stunned by the surprise addition of a new member. Each character handles the news differently, but readers will identify with all of their dilemmas. The faith message is strong and relevant to the plot.”

“The Other Daughter is a touching story of mistakes made before marriage and the strength it takes when the spouse is blindsided by the truth.”

— Cindy Woodsmall, NYT best-selling author

“The Other Daughter is an endearing story about betrayal and forgiveness, stubbornness and submission, and the strength God shows when we ask him to work through us. Susanne Carson is a ‘good person,’ but she’s missing so much while she tries to maintain control of her life and faltering marriage. It takes the arrival of a bedraggled teen on her doorstep to show her she’s not in control; she’s never been in control; and help is just one decision away.”

— Trish Perry, author

“In The Other Daughter, Miralee Ferrell handles a difficult subject with sensitivity and soul. A great debut!”

— Cyndy Salzmann, author of Crime and Clutter

“Miralee Ferrell is one of my new favorite authors. In The Other Daughter, she tells a beautiful story of love, forgiveness and redemption. I became so caught up in the lives of her realistically drawn characters, that many of my household chores were left undone so I could read just one more page. But one more was never enough.”

— Deborah M. Piccurelli, author of In the Midst of Deceit

Novel Journey Review, Oct. 4th

“How does a wife deal with the sudden appearance of her husband’s daughter that she never knew about? Miralee Ferrell’s debut novel lays bare the emotions of broken trust and a marriage unequally yoked—and Ferrell does it with the perceptivity of a seasoned author.

“I found Susanne’s emotions to be gut-wrenchingly honest and the spiritual thread believable. Too often in Christian fiction, the change in a character is forced. When Susanne seeks affirmation for her hurt from a friend, the advice she gets leaves her unsure. The gradual transition in Susanne is sparked by the faith of her young daughter, Megan, and the understanding of a family friend.

“Being a step-mother, I totally related to Susanne’s emotions throughout the book. Ferrell hasn’t pulled any punches in this hard hitting novel, and it receives this reviewer’s highest recommendation.”

— Ane Mulligan

Finding Jeena

“Finding Jeena is an absolutely amazing story of grace, forgiveness, and redemption. I love stories about redemption, I always have, but Jeena’s story is different. It is more real and much more profound that others I have read. It is amazing how quickly life can change and how little control we really have over our lives. Jeena had a lot to learn and God taught her what she needed to know in order to start over. I think there is a little Jeena in all of us, which is why this book will have such a strong impact on anyone who reads it. Overall, Finding Jeena is a fantastic book. Well, fantastic is not a big enough word for how I feel about this book. I loved every moment of it and I love the feeling it has left in my heart after finishing it.”

— C. Kendall