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12 Days and Brides of Christmas: Drawing!

12 Days and Brides of Christmas: Drawing!

So while we’re still six weeks out from Christmas 2015, the authors of The 12 Brides of Christmas are sponsoring a giveaway!

Over the next twelve days, we’ll give you an opportunity to win TWO books:  2 Brides books

What better way to prepare for the Christmas celebration, than to have one book to read for fun and one to concoct treats for your family!

The two books are not connected except for the title, so you’ll be moving from 12 Brides on the American frontier to 12 Days of recipes to try yourself.

What can be better?

We’re giving away four sets of the two books through Rafflecopter.

You have 24 different opportunities to toss in your name for a chance to win.

The drawing runs from today, November 6 to Tuesday, November 17 at midnight–12 days away.

Just sign up through the form:

Each author newsletter you sign up for counts as one opportunity to win. (12 authors x one each newsletter = 12 opportunities)

Each of the 12 days, we’ll post a new Tweet. If you’re on Twitter, Retweeting that tweet will give you another opportunity.

12 days x 12 tweets = 12 more opportunities to win the two books.

Winners will be announced here on Friday, November 20, on the 12 Brides Facebook page, and by email.

Winner should receive their two books well in time for . . . their own 12 days of Christmas!

Join us, starting here:

Questions? Make a comment.

Here are descriptions of the two books.

The 12 Brides of Christmas

Christmas is the time for love, and twelve historical women are on their way to the altar, whether they know it or not. In settings across the heartland of America, readers will experience heartfelt gifts, old-fashioned Christmas traditions, sweet romance, and inspiring faith from twelve acclaimed Christian authors.

The twelve stories center on festivities, nutcrackers, stars, trees, creches, gifts, gingerbread and fruitcakes; they also are festive, advent-related, snowbound, evergreen and my favorite, yuletide.

All set in the mid and western United States, they cover the country from Illinois to Mississippi to Arizona to Wyoming and everywhere in between in the 19th century.

For detailed descriptions of the individual stories, see the 12 Brides of Christmas webpage here.

The 12 Days of Christmas Cookbook:

Wonderfully unique, The Twelve Days of Christmas Cookbook: 2015 will delight taste buds and make your Christmas even merrier! Featuring tasty recipes organized into fun categories including:

Appetizers on a Platter; Beverages a-Blending; Breads a-Rising

Breakfast Dishes a-Baking; Candies a-Boiling; Cookies a-Cooling

Desserts a-Delighting; Kids a-Cooking; Main Dishes a-Mixing

Salads a-Crunching; Sides a Steaming and Soups a-Simmering

With easy entertaining tips and ideas, this sure-to-be-a-favorite cookbook is overflowing with fantastic recipe ideas for the entire holiday season and beyond!

Merry Christmas!


Raffle: 12 Days of Christmas; Brides and a Cookbook Click to Tweet

Christmas brides and cooking: what could be better? A raffle! Click to Tweet

Celebrate Christmas raffle: two books, romance and food! Click to Tweet

On Sale NOW!

On Sale NOW!

Blowing on Dandelions, book one in the Love Blossoms in Oregon series (historical romance) is currently on a very short term sale for only .99 on Kindle only.

blowingondandelions  Click here for the direct link to the book sale!

Do Dandelion Wishes Actually Come True?

Katherine Galloway knew this moment of calm wouldn’t last, blown away like the dandelion seeds she scattered as a girl. In 1880, three years after her husband’s death, she struggles to run an Oregon boardinghouse and raise two girls alone. Things don’t get easier when her critical, domineering mother moves in. Katherine must make the situation work, but standing up for herself and her family while honoring her mother isn’t easy. And with a daughter entering the teenage years, the pressure on Katherine becomes close to overwhelming. Then she crosses paths with Micah Jacobs, a widower who could reignite her heart, but she fears a relationship with him might send things over the edge. She must find the strength, wisdom, hope, and faith to remake her life, for everything is about to change.

FREE eBook! Don’t Miss it!

FREE eBook! Don’t Miss it!

FREE! Forget Me Not, the 2nd book in Miralee Ferrell’s Love Blossoms in Oregon series

ForgetMeNot_lg   Historical romance, is #FREE for 4 days on Kindle. Book one, Blowing on Dandelions, is only .99, & book four, Dreaming on Daisies, is $3.03 on Amazon. Book three, Wishing on Buttercups is the only one full price at $9.99. You can get the set for just over $14.00. Here’s the link to the free one and the link to the first one at .99. Thanks for letting me share! I’d love to see Forget Me Not get up in the top 50 of free downloads, since it’s the only one of the four that’s an Indie book (and it’s a novella….162 pgs, while the others are over 350 pgs each). Dreaming on Daisies Blowing on Dandelions Forget Me Not

Win a Free Book from Kimberly Rose Johnson

Win a Free Book from Kimberly Rose Johnson

Kimberly Rose Johnson is joining me today, and we’re going to do something a little different than most blogs. YOU will be interviewing her. If you want to win a copy of her new title, A Romance Rekindled, simply ask Kimberly a question and leave a way for me to contact you in case you win.

Here’s a little more about Kimberly…  KJ_063 vs 2

Kimberly holds a degree in Behavioral Science from Northwest University. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two teenage sons, and their yellow lab. She writes sweet Christian romance for Heartsong Presents and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. She enjoys taking long walks with her husband and dog, reading, dark chocolate and time with friends.

You can connect with Kimberly on her website 

A Rafflecopter form is at the bottom of this post. You have other ways to earn an entry… sign up for Kimberly’s newsletter here

Her new book is the second in a series set in Leavenworth, Washington.


A Romance Rekindled

Susan Hill Isn’t Ready to Forgive

The small-town CPA can’t forget how Blake Mitchell jilted her and left their hometown without an explanation. But when her first love returns to Leavenworth, the ruggedly handsome writer evokes conflicting emotions, especially when Susan meets the child she assumes is his daughter.

Since his parents’ deaths six years ago, Blake’s been raising his little sister on his own. But he’s never forgotten the woman he left behind. Now, he can’t undo the past, but maybe he can change the future…if he can convince Susan to give him one more chance.

You can find Kimberly several places online:

Her website



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This contest is only open to US residents. The author is providing a copy of her own book, and there’s no cost to enter. Be sure you check that you want to see new comments, so you’ll know when Kimberly answers your question! Thanks for taking the time to stop by.