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So Fun!! Do You Want to Try?

So Fun!! Do You Want to Try?

A few weeks ago I got an email from a reader saying their group at church had chosen my book, Love Finds You in Tombstone, Arizona, to read, discuss and have a fun-filled day built around, dressing up as the characters! How cool is that!  Wouldn’t it be fun if more reading groups did this? Have you or your reading group done this type of thing? If so, please share!

Tombstone characters5

Our big day is tomorrow, April 18, and we will meet at the church (Elim Baptist in Ludowici, Ga.) Tombstone characters10at 2 pm for a fun afternoon of sharing our thoughts on the book “Love Finds You in Tombstone Arizona”.  We are dressing the part of our favorite character from the book, we will have a horse and wagon, along with a country meal.

These are the ladies and gentlemen that attended:

Jordin Cloninger

Heather Cloninger

Mickey BentleyTombstone characters6

Janet Barrett

Deanna Hartley

Rhea Nell Catoe

Lori Lewis

Dorothy Neluna

Tombstone characters4Cheryl Malone

Retha Rowe

Clay Rowe

Marion AdamsTombstone characters3

Kathy Walter

Jake Rowe

Rhonda Rowe


Ava Bentley

Isaac Malone

Tombstone characters9Brea Malone

Hannah Malone


Tombstone characters1

Disabled Girl Needs Help

Disabled Girl Needs Help

I know this family personally, and I’d love to see Jayme achieve her dream, which will also bless her physically. If even a handful of my friends would share this and donate a small amount, they would be well on their way to reaching their goal. Here’s the story….

Jayme is severely disabled and requires 24/7 care. Her father died unexpectedly but just before Jaymepassing away, he left disposal of his company and other assets in the hands of a man he trusted. He shouldn’t have… but isn’t that an age-old story. Jayme and her mother were left with nothing and even had to borrow money to rent a uhaul to move because without his income, they couldn’t afford to keep renting the farm they had been living on. Jayme and her mom have been struggling on what little social security gives them in survival benefits but it hasn’t been enough. Jayme’s mom has sold or pawned everything of any value, including her wedding rings, just to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. Jayme hasn’t had new clothes in 4 years and has outgrown what she had. She needs her therapy pool installed, but for that, they need to hire someone with a bobcat to level the ground out back. She needs clothes, shoes, dressers, a new mattress, repairs to her old bed, bookshelves, and last but certainly not least… food and heating fuel. With your help, Jayme’s needs could be met and there might even be enough left over to bring past due car payments current so they don’t lose the car. Any help would be appreciated. It breaks my heart to see Jayme go without even basic things… like a second pair of shoes. God bless you for whatever He leads you to do.

If you’d care to donate or see any updates on the GoFundMe site, please click HERE

A Horse for Kate is LIVE! Want a FREE chapter?

A Horse for Kate is LIVE! Want a FREE chapter?

I’m so excited! I’m launching into a brand new (to me) world…that of middle-grade fiction.

A Horse for Kate, my first book in a four-book series (Horses and Friends) released yesterday. It’s on sale everywhere now, both online and in many bookstores across the country. Reviews from girls ages 9-13 are coming in, and they love it!

Would you like to read the entire first chapter so you can see if it’s something your child might enjoy before you purchase it? Sign up for my newsletter (on the right of this page), then leave a comment here that you signed up, and I’ll send it to you by email.

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Christmas At My House

Christmas At My House


My little Lacey is waiting for her present to appear under the tree! Tom is more interested in taking a ride on the train if he can only figure out how to stay on.

I LOVE Christmas! And this year it’s going to be even more special, as our 20 month old granddaughter, Kate, will have her first Christmas opening presents where she understands what’s going on. I can’t wait! I’ll post a few pics after Christmas, until then, Merry Christmas and God bless!


Someone Precious Is Gone Today

Someone Precious Is Gone Today

I lost my grandmother today, but I know she’s in heaven with Jesus and with her husband who went ahead of her over 40 yrs ago. Grammie lived a full and very long life. She would have celebrated her 99th birthday in July.

She was so much more than my grandmother….she was a lover of children, a witty woman who didn’t lose that sense of humor clear to the end. She was fiercely loyal to family and friends and known to everyone who loved her, as Grammie. She attended the small church in Lyle, Wa., for many years, where she and her husband moved (from Eastern Oregon) when just a few years before he passed away.

The picture at the top was taken just a few months ago with the kitty that resides at the home where she stayed. Her mind was sharp and she was still getting around in a wheelchair when a small stroke hit a couple of weeks ago. God was so merciful that He allowed her to slip into a gentle sleep in the small hours of this morning and she simply went on to be with Him.

I’m grateful for the many years I had with my grandmother….so many more than a lot of adults my age (I’m over 50 myself) ever get to experience. My grown kids knew her well, and she’s seen great-grandchildren come into the world, as well. I’m celebrating her life today and cherishing the precious memories of a wonderful woman who loved me.