A Visit with Miralee

A Visit with Miralee

Miralee here:

I’d love to share a bit about Blowing on Dandelions from my office to your living room!


Here’s a bit about the Love Blossoms in Oregon series from Miralee Ferrell–taped outside in my flower garden~

5 thoughts on “A Visit with Miralee

  1. Hi, I LOVE your books! My church bought your “Horses and Friends” series and asked my mother and me to review it for them. I have finished the first book and started on the second so far. I LOVE this series!
    I really, really want a horse and I’ve tried just about everything. I have a few more schemes, but I am almost completely sure they will not work. 😔
    I currently volunteer once a week at Noah’s A.R.C. (animal rescue center). A person from our church owns it. You can visit their website too. It is: noahsanimalrescuecenter.org They have two horses, five pitbulls, one Jack Russell terrier, and one fat cat. I ride there, and I LOVE it! Even though I have had one fall and a very near one last Saturday.
    I blog and post about horses and sometimes (though rarely) about pitbulls. You can visit my website. It is: horsesandpitbulls.wordpress.com
    Thank you SO much! You are AWESOME!
    – Clidie

    1. Hi Clidie, thank you for writing and letting me know you’re reading and reviewing my books. I’m so thrilled you’re enjoying them. What a fun job you have volunteering at an animal rescue center. There used to be one in Idaho called something similar, only they also rescued exotic animals. They had a cougar years ago, and I’m not sure what else. I’ll have to take a look at your website and blog. Thank you for mentioning it! I didn’t own my first horse until I was 20 years old, so don’t give up. You never know! Miralee Ferrell

      1. I don’t want to bother you or anything, but I couldn’t believe you answered me! It was so exciting! I ran to my mom and just about collapsed telling her about your reply! I have written a letter to Rebecca Ondov but never received a reply.
        Thank you for the encouragement about getting a horse and hope to enter many horse competitions (art, hippology, etc.) this year with 4-H.
        I also would like to enter a beginner trail class and and walk/trot class in the 4-H horse show at our state fair.
        Last night I was lying in bed and thinking about horses (pretty much the only way I can fall asleep) and I made a goal to make it to regionals at least once in the next three years. I would love to be in the Olympics too! Right now however I only ride Western, but I will be switching to English as soon as I clean and repair a saddle.
        Thank you SO much for answering me. You are an AMAZING writer!

        – Clidie 🐎

        1. Hi Clidie, it wasn’t a bother at all. I never know when I’ll have time to reply, but I do try to reply to anyone who writes about my books. I appreciate readers very much. Having goals is excellent. You’ll go far in your life by setting specific goals and reaching for them.I started by riding Western, then I switched (many years later) to English and love it. I only trail ride, but I ride in an equitation saddle and it’s super comfortable. I assume, since you don’t own a horse, that you must be taking lessons and maybe you can use the lesson horse to enter shows. That’s the next best thing to owning your own horse, and I wish you all the best in upcoming classes.

          Hugs, Miralee

          1. Thanks, again for all the encouragement! Where I volunteer there are two horses. I am not sure they can show though, but I might as well ask. There are also a few other people in our church who own horses so maybe I can use theirs. I would like to show at the 4-H horse show in walk/trot, but the rulebook I printed out for it says they judge the horses response to my aids and general awareness. The horses I ride are both about 16 years old and pretty lazy.
            If you would like you can visit the rescues website’s webpage too. It is:

            Thank you for the tips, and if you have anymore I would appreciate them.

            – Clidie

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